We really hope that you enjoy your visit to The Beach House. Our aim is to provide simple, delicious, where possible organic, locally sourced food. We now have a small garden and are growing many of the herbs, flowers, spinach and salads that we use every day. 

Our breads are freshly baked daily; no additives, no preservatives & no palm oil as are our croissants and pastries. We use fresh seasonal vegetables for our soups. Eggs are local, free-range & organic, as is our milk. Our meats are from Findlay’s of Portobello: free range and naturally fed. Our Chorizo and Salchichon is made from free range, acorn fed Iberico pigs. Try the locally sourced Sea Buckthorn - full of Vitamin C and antioxidents. Thank you Esther@ Wild Flower Shop for keeping our tables looking beautiful. 

We now make our own gelatos, ice creams and sorbets using organic milk and the finest natural ingredients. Some are dairy free, gluten free, vegan — please ask. 

Our alcohol licence means we can offer you a glass of wine, an Edinburgh ‘Seaside’ Gin and tonic or a bottle of craft ale – some from Portobello, some from the Hebridean island of Colonsay, the smallest island in the world to have a brewery, some from Edinburgh and some from the Isle of Tiree.

All our food is made to order. When we are very busy orders might take a little longer than usual. Please bear with us. If you are in a rush let us know. There are times when we don’t get everything right and things can and do go wrong. If this happens please let us know so we can learn from the experience and try and put it right. 

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p: 0131 657 2636 | e: sara@the-beachhouse.org | a: 57 Bath Street Edinburgh EH15 1HE

Mon-Tues 8:45am - 6pm

Wed-Sun 8:45am - 9:30pm